National Professional Qualification in Leading Teacher Development (NPQLTD)

Who should apply:


  • CPD Leads
  • ECT Mentors
  • Induction Co-ordinators
  • Head of Department
  • Year Group Leaders
  • Assistant Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher overseeing the wider development of all colleagues across the school


Participant needs to be aspiring to or have the responsibility of leading other educators to develop and expand their skills.


We are a proud Delivery Partner of the education charity Ambition Institute delivering the NPQ in Leading Teacher Development.

In 12 months, you will gain the knowledge to become a teacher educator and successfully support teachers in your school to expand their skills.

• One of a series of  specialist NPQs.
• Flexible learning to suit your timetable.
• Gain a professional accreditation.
• Become an expert teacher educator.

Why this programme?

Ambition Institute has designed this ground-breaking NPQ to help you develop the knowledge and expertise to lead teacher development at your school.

Ambition’s 'little and often' approach uses the latest evidence to help you put your learning into practice in your school setting. You will train alongside other teachers with similar responsibilities, with content focusing on the key challenges you face in your role.

With no project work and minimal time out of school, the NPQs are designed to fit around your busy timetable.

NPQLTD explained in 90 seconds or less  

Benefits for you

Become a teaching expert
The new NPQs are designed to give you high quality professional development. All the training is evidence-based and informed by the science of learning.

Champion quality teaching
Many teachers who end up in leadership roles haven’t had any formal training to become teacher educators. This programme fills that gap by giving you the knowledge and insight to make classroom teaching in your school the best it can be.

Learn to your timetable
This programme is designed to fit around your busy teaching role. Much of the work can be completed in short bursts around your existing schedule.

Connect with peers
You’ll get to train and collaborate with other teacher leaders on the programme, sharing your experiences and building a network.


Benefits for your school

Develop a golden thread
The NPQ framework continues a ‘golden thread’ throughout every stage of a teacher’s career. Schools and trusts can have confidence that all their educators, from classroom teachers to leaders of multiple schools, are building and developing their practice from the same evidence-based framework.

Create confident leaders
Teachers who complete this programme will be able to successfully oversee staff development, leading to better teaching at your school and improved pupil outcomes.

Increase staff attainment
By investing in your teachers, you are showing confidence in their abilities. After completing the programme, they are more likely to stay in their roles and help you nurture the next generation of teaching talent.

More options for improvement
The specialist NPQs are designed to be complementary, giving teachers multiple career pathways and options at every stage of their careers.


What you’ll learn
This programme follows the Department for Education’s National Professional Qualification (NPQ): Leading Teacher Development Framework.

On this programme, you will learn how to:
> make sure professional development in your school is focused on a shared responsibility for improving outcomes for all pupils
> diagnose what teachers know and can do, starting professional development from that point and adapting the approach based on their developing expertise
> help teachers improve through evidence-based professional development focused on improving classroom teaching
> gain an understanding of what teachers have learned by reviewing patterns of performance over a number of assessments
> develop and lead a team of colleagues who can facilitate a range of professional development approaches
> contribute to a programme of professional development for mentors, trainees and early career teachers.

Note: programme content is subject to change.

How you’ll learn
The content is delivered through blended learning. This includes a mix of real-time, interactive online sessions and self-guided modules you complete in your own time. You will be encouraged to put what you learn into practice and track your progress as you go.

Note: The programme starts with a one day face to face conference at our Head Office in Stoke-on-Trent.



The assessment window starts at the end of the 12-month programme and runs for three months. During this time, you will be given an eight-day window to sit an ‘open book’ style assessment in which you respond to a short case study.

There are two assessment windows every year, and you can sit the assessment two times, if you need to.

You need to complete the course to qualify for the NPQ accreditation.

We will offer a webinar and live clinic in advance of the assessment window to support you.


To register your interest: National Professional Qualifications (NPQ) | Shaw Education Trust (