Early Headship Coaching Offer (EHCO)


Are you within the first five years of Headship?


Have you previously completed an NPQ in Headship (NPQH), are applying for an NPQH, or are currently doing an NPQH?


Our Early Headship Coaching Offer provides you with personalised support to help you solve problems relevant to your school context.


EHCO explained in 90 seconds or less 

Benefits for you


Get ongoing personal support
Being new to a headship role can be daunting. The EHCO will help you to find your feet by identifying your priorities and looking at structured, practical ways to tackle context specific problems.

Receive one-to-one coaching
You’ll get one-to-one coaching from an expert Headteacher who can provide support, insight and feedback to help you deal with the specific challenges you’re facing in your school.

School shadowing experience
Contextualise your NPQH expertise in a real school setting by shadowing an experienced Headteacher. Your coach will explain the steps they have undertaken, their rationale, and any obstacles they have overcome in their school, supporting you to understand how they have applied expertise to their practice.

Connect with your peers
You’ll work with other Headteachers in similar positions, to create networks and solve problems. These online sessions will explore the common challenges you are experiencing and help you overcome them.


Benefits for your school or Trust


Improve staff retention
An investment in your new Headteacher shows your commitment to their career progression and job
satisfaction. This means they’ll be more likely to stay in their post and become an effective leader.

Learn from experts
Your Headteacher will receive one-to-one coaching and support from an experienced Headteacher who will share their knowledge and professional insight.

Tackle existing challenges
Coaching will focus on the problems of practice your Headteacher might be experiencing in their role. They can get help coming up with practical and effective solutions to tackle these issues.

Create a positive school culture
A Headteacher that feels supported and has the training and tools to create positive change, will lead to a happier workforce, better teaching and more positive outcomes for your pupils.




What does the training include?


It’s structured around the persistent problems of school leadership.

What you’ll learn


You can select from these topics and personalise the course to support areas they want to develop expertise in. You will select three persistent problems over the duration of the course:

School culture: Establishing a professional and supportive school culture and encouraging staff to contribute.

Learning and development: Ensuring effective approaches to professional learning and development.

Curriculum: Organising and teaching the curriculum.

Behaviour: Attending to pupil behaviour and wider circumstances.

School improvement: Analysing and diagnosing problems, planning and implementing strategies for continuous educational improvement.

Administration: Managing an efficient and effective organisation.


Note: the programme is subject to change

How is the training delivered?


It’s flexible to fit around to your new Headship role. Our 'little and often' approach uses the latest research to help you apply your learning to context-specific problems. The EHCO will empower you to be an effective and confident Headteacher.


To register your interest: National Professional Qualifications (NPQ) | Shaw Education Trust (shaw-education.org.uk)