Our collaborative approach

What we do 

Unlike other MATs, we don’t enforce a curriculum for all our schools to follow. Instead, we support each individual school to offer a programme that enables our students to deepen their knowledge, develop their skills, sparks their imagination and fires their curiosity. 

Adding to this, we ensure all our schools offer an awesome range of opportunities aimed at developing student’s independence and employment skills so that our students are prepared for life after education and are ready to enter the world of work.

To help our schools successfully achieve this and to continuously develop good practice, our core team and commissioned experts provide comprehensive ongoing support through high quality teacher training and professional development opportunities.


How we do it 

Not only do our schools have the support of the core team, but they also have the support of all the other organisations in our family too. We encourage collaboration within and between our schools, effectively creating a community of professionals that share a wide range of valuable experiences, specialist knowledge and a multitude of resources.

 Our Values - To Act with Integrity

Although we are a family who work together to create brighter futures, each of our schools still keep their individual identity and uniqueness. This approach of earned autonomy ensures that integrity and transparency underpins everything that we do, with our Trust Board providing oversight, challenge and support. This support is then strengthened at school level through a system of Academy Councils who represent each school and provide local accountability.