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We are a sponsored Trust, meaning that we are supported by a larger organisation – Shaw Trust. They are a national employment learning and skills charity that is helping to transform the lives of young people and adults around the world.

Shaw Trust is one of the 25 largest charities in the UK and comprises of over 20 sub brands, including Prospects, Ixion, Gabbitas Education, Homes2Inspire and Optimus Education, as well as Shaw Education Trust. 

With over 75 years’ combined experience supporting people to develop their potential, Shaw Trust operate across seven business areas including employability, learning and skills, children’s services, charitable services and enterprise, community health and well-being, justice and skills.

Through their diverse team of employees and volunteers, Shaw Trust provide joined-up services for government, local authorities, combined authorities, employers, stakeholders – including clinical commissioning groups and NHS Trusts – and individuals.

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Shaw Trust Group Websites

Ixion website Homes 2 Inspire website