As a member of our network of schools, you will benefit from the continued support of our highly experienced central team, as well as the outstanding practitioners from across our schools.

Our team of experienced practitioners will work with you to ensure your school is able to provide the highest quality learning experience to your students. By undertaking systematic consultations, practice sharing opportunities and data analysis, our team are able to provide regular support and challenge in all areas of school improvement. These may include for example, curriculum effectiveness, assessment processes and enhancing pupils’ personal development.

Students from across Shaw Education Trust

We are lucky to have a strong team of professionals on hand to support our schools, including Headteachers, Executive Headteachers, and colleagues who were previously Her Majesty’s Inspectors or who are current Ofsted Inspectors. This means that we can provide your school with top quality and comprehensive support that meets your needs.

As well as the support of our central education team, our schools benefit from the powerful collaboration we have fostered between all the schools in our Trust. Our schools cater for students across all phases and sectors – this means that we are uniquely placed to offer school-to-school support. Our school leadership teams and teachers collaborate with colleagues who are in similar roles across the Trust, enabling them to further develop their practice, share resources and, ultimately, provide new opportunities to students.

We also offer a unique programme of Talent Management support to enable you and your colleagues to ‘Grow, Contribute and Flourish’ in their roles and across our Trust according to their career ambitions. To find out more about our professional development opportunities and other employee benefits, click here.