An Enriching Educational Journey

We were delighted to welcome Steve Mastin from Opening Worlds for a visit at Redhill Primary in Cannock. Steve's expertise and engaging approach left a lasting impact on both students and staff.

The day began with Steve teaching a model lesson at Redhill Primary, which was observed by teachers and leaders from multiple schools. His interactive teaching style and deep subject knowledge were truly impressive. As one teacher commented, "Steve has a gift for bringing topics to life and getting every student engaged."

Following the lesson, Steve provided valuable feedback in a debrief session, offering insightful tips for enhancing our curriculum delivery.

Steve then observed a lesson himself at Redhill, providing supportive feedback to the teacher in a collaborative discussion with school leaders present. An open Q&A over lunch allowed for further dialogue on curriculum development.

The highlight was the end-of-day training session Steve led, which one head teacher described as "transformative." Steve said:

 "I was blown away by the enthusiasm and commitment of the Shaw Education Trust staff. Their drive to continuously improve the curriculum experience for students is inspiring. It was a pleasure working with such a dedicated team of educators."

The intensive session provided research-based strategies for raising the rigor of our curricula while maintaining an engaging, student-centered approach.

On behalf of Shaw Education Trust, I extend our sincere gratitude to Steve Mastin and Opening Worlds. This visit was an invaluable investment in the professional growth of our staff and the enrichment of learning for our students.


What is Opening Worlds?

Steve Mastin of Opening WorldsOpening Worlds is an immersive and comprehensive humanities program designed to captivate young minds in Years 3 to 6. It offers a treasure trove of knowledge, delving into the fascinating realms of history, geography, and religion. 

At its core, Opening Worlds provides meticulously crafted curriculum resources that serve as a gateway to exploration and discovery. However, its true strength lies in the unwavering support it offers to primary school teachers. Through comprehensive training, ongoing guidance, and program-related professional development opportunities, educators are empowered to unlock the full potential of this transformative educational experience.

What sets Opening Worlds apart is its remarkable ability to foster literacy skills and embrace an inclusive approach that leaves no child behind. By weaving engaging narratives and interactive learning experiences, students from all backgrounds are drawn into a world of wonder, where knowledge becomes a cherished companion.

In areas grappling with social disadvantages, Opening Worlds has swiftly gained recognition as a beacon of hope, igniting a passion for learning and paving the way for academic achievement. Its rapidly discernible effects on literacy have inspired educators and communities alike, as they witness the transformative power of an educational journey that transcends boundaries and unlocks the limitless potential within every child.

An introduction to Opening Worlds: