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Below is a list of our current policies. All our policies are saved as PDFs and you will need to have Adobe Reader installed to read them. If you don't already have Adobe Reader, you can download it free here:

Our Policies | Shaw Education Trust | Website

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Data Protection | UK GDPR | Policies and Privacy Notices

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When a multi-academy trust is formed, a number of legal statutory documents are drawn up. The Trust must act in accordance with these documents at all times.

A contract is set up between the Trust and the Secretary of State for Education, setting out how the Trust is funded. You can view this document below.

A Memorandum of Association is created relating to the establishment of the Trust under Company Law and sets out the names of the founding members of the Trust. You can view this document below

The Articles of Association are implemented, outlining the rules about how Shaw Education Trust must be operated and governed. You can view this document below

Documents | Trust Structure

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Shaw Education Trust's Accounting Officer is Jo Morgan (CEO) and the Chief Financial Officer is Helen Turner.

The Trust must operate in line with the ESFA Academies Financial Handbook. This handbook provides an overarching framework for financial management and controls to ensure we meet our obligations as a publicly funded body. Each year we publish a detailed financial statement which demonstrates our compliance with this framework, as seen in our Financial Report (below) for the last financial year. 

We are committed to promoting equality in our work and, as so, we ensure gender equality within our payment structure. For more information, view our Gender Pay Gap Report below. 

Further information, such as details regarding executive pay, can be found below. 

Documents | Finance | Academy Trust Handbook

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Documents | Finance | Reports

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