Year 10 students have recently spent the night at school, so far they have raised an amazing £800 for the Young at heart charity! It's a local charity who works with one of the year 10s younger sister, as it supports families who's young children have open heart surgery.

The event has been organised by her sister, Zoe to thank them for supporting her sister, Lola Rose who has had her 5th round of surgery. Fortis have been inundated by gifts of food from local shops and their families have been really generous. They are aiming to make the £1000 mark by the end of term!

About Young at Heart:

In 1982, a group of parents of children with Congenital Heart Disease, set up the Young at Heart Charity so that they could offer additional support to other heart families such as theirs so no one felt isolated and understood what families were going through.  All Trustees had something in  common, a child with a poorly heart.  They provided a link for members to talk to.  It could not have been an easy task to set up a charity back then, but the Founder Trustees voluntarily gave tirelessly of their time and energy to work alongside the services and medical care at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital and provided much needed help to heart families.  They raised thousands of pounds over the years to help provide a forum for families to meet socially for trips, parties and other events. They provided a holiday caravan for  family retreats, had a thriving  Teenage section and        contributed towards medical equipment to support the Hospital.  They saw many changes over the first 21 years of the charity including when the Hospital moved from Ladywood to Steelhouse Lane in 1997.  Which was actually where the Children’s    Hospital was originally founded in 1862.

Find out more about Young at heart here: Young At Heart