We believe, you achieve

Our values

To be pupil and people centred

To ensure everything we do realises the full potential of the pupils we are here to help. We will provide caring, tailored and supportive environments where young people can flourish. We will ensure that all members of the school community are the focus of our activity and as servant leaders we shall enable their success.

To act with integrity

To be an organisation that is open and transparent, actively embraces equality and diversity and has an honest, inclusive and respectful culture which everyone can trust.

To be innovative

To be a creative, forward-thinking organisation that finds new ways of doing things. To break down barriers to learning, stimulating exciting futures and securing independent living. We will be relentless in our pursuit of the excellence which has the power to change lives.

To be best in class

To be a top performing education provider that helps every single pupil on their journey towards achieving their potential. We believe our staff are our greatest asset. We will support leaders, teachers and staff to provide exceptional teaching, learning and outcomes.

To be accountable

Shaw Education Trust, its schools and staff are accountable to our pupils and stakeholders. We will demonstrate personal responsibility by carrying out our roles to the best of our ability and in adherence with our values.