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The Orme Academy

Headteacher: Mark Boughey

The Orme Academy, previously known as Wolstanton High School, is a community school for students aged 11-16, proud to be a cohesive, inclusive and supportive learning environment. Our strong vision to promote tolerance and understanding across all subjects and year groups is unwavering. We are a school committed to developing well grounded, well adjusted and empowered citizens, all equipped for the challenges of 21st century life.

The school is organised into four Houses, each with its own Head of House and team of staff with responsibility for the progress and achievement, wellbeing and safeguarding of students in their care. We know our students well, we know their individual needs. This enables us to deliver the benefits of a small school, including personalised advice and guidance, within a larger whole school environment. We can also offer specialist teaching with a wide range of courses leading to diverse qualifications.

Our school sets high expectations for students to make more than average progress, we work in close partnership with parents and our Academy Council to ensure that everyone strives constantly to give of their best.

By treating our students respectfully and as individuals, always building on their personal strengths, we are preparing them to be lifelong learners who will contribute greatly to the wider community. We want them to be safe, healthy and happy. Above all we aim to develop an enthusiasm and thirst for learning and a desire to make rapid and sustained progress.

Life at Wolstanton is exciting, challenging and fulfilling, We all share the vision and conviction that your dreams can be achieved when you have the ambition and the energy to make them happen.

The Orme Academy 
Milehouse Lane

Tel: 01782 742 900