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Newfriars College

Head of School: Rob Millington

Rob Millington - Head of School Blackfriars Academy

Newfriars Academy provides an outstanding education for pupils aged 16-19, and also for those aged 19-21 in partnership with Stoke-on-Trent College.  

We provide a highly differentiated programme of study for pupils with a range of physical, learning, medical and sensory needs.  

The Academy offers access for all and we provide the best resources and specialist facilities for all our young people. Ours is a safe, caring and friendly community with an emphasis on academic success alongside personal and social development. The curriculum is tailored and personalised to the interests and abilities of each individual person. 

Our dynamic and highly skilled staff team support all students towards their next steps and their transition from school to the outside world.  

Our pupils are proud to go to the Academy, enjoying the college atmosphere and responsibilities for organising themselves and being more independent. They particularly enjoy their contributions through the enterprise and charity work they do. 

If you’re looking for post-16 options please come and pay us a visit and discover all we have to offer.  

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Castle Grove
off Newhouse Road

Telephone: 01782 987 180