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Aug 5, 2020

A fresh start for Wolstanton High School

Work is underway as Wolstanton High School prepares to launch as The Orme Academy in September.

The secondary school, which is part of the Shaw Education Trust, is undertaking a rebrand signifying the fresh beginning for the school under the new leadership team.

Principal Mark Boughey who was appointed to the role in February, said: “We wanted a name that embraces the success and history of the school, giving our community something they could be equally proud of.

“The point that Revd. Edward Orme left revenue from his estate to the education of local children in the area completely encapsulates the sort of place that our school strives to be.”

As part of the school’s new look, all current students will be receiving a new blazer and tie at no cost to parents and carers. This change has been welcomed with students saying the new style is something they would be really proud to wear and would be comfortable for school.

These are not the only aesthetic improvements being made at the Newcastle-under-Lyme school. Facilities across the school site are being refreshed, including installing digital display screens, new carpets and furniture, and the creation of a media suite.

Mr Boughey continued: “The updates being made provide the backdrop for the brilliant academy that we are rapidly becoming.”

Further moves to enhance the learning experience of students include expanding the curriculum to provide students with a greater choice of subject options and developing pastoral and behaviour systems to ensure students are appropriately supported. 

All of the developments being implemented by Mr Boughey and his team are to enable the school’s new ethos, ‘Empowering Learners for Life’. 

Mr Boughey concluded: “While I am committed to ensuring that every student makes excellent progress, this ethos stretches well beyond academic performance. 

“I firmly believe that every aspect of school should equip learners to be successful in all areas of their lives, both now and for their future. 

“This is underpinned by ensuring school is a safe, nurturing and happy environment: put simply, The Orme Academy is a great place to learn and a great place to work.”  

More information about the schools rebrand and launch will be released over the forthcoming weeks. To keep up-to-date with developments at the school, visit the school website at: www.theormeacademy.org.uk