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Sep 5, 2019

Unsworth Academy unveils new build

Students in Bury returned to a brand new school as Unsworth Academy officially opens its doors yesterday.  

The school, formerly named Castlebrook High School, re-opened on 4th September under its new moniker and in a brand new school building.

Commenting on the academy’s rebrand, Principal Sue Armstrong, said: “We are proud of the local area and want our school to truly be a part of the Unsworth community.

“The name change will help strengthen our link to the community, while demonstrating the fresh start that this new state-of-the-art building represents.”  

After joining the Shaw Education Trust’s family of schools, the academy consulted with key stakeholders last year regarding a change in name and uniform, receiving positive feedback all round. 

Now, following a summer of impressive results, anticipation has been growing for the newly branded academy to be unveiled.

CEO of Shaw Education Trust, Jo Morgan, commented: “This exciting period of change reflects the new and positive direction the school is heading.

“The new name will help put the school firmly on the Bury map and beyond, furthering our learner recruitment and community engagement.”