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Jul 19, 2019

Pupils collaborate to master maths

Pupils across Shaw Education Trust recently came together to further develop their maths skills.

The Trust, which has schools spanning from Birmingham to Bury, invited eight middle ability pupils from each of their four primary schools to collaborate on a range of interactive maths tasks.

The Trust’s Director of Mathematics Gregory Thorley explained: “Maths plays an important role within the curriculum, feeding into numerous other subjects.

“The aim of the maths day was to engage and inspire pupils who may not find maths as easy as their peers.”

In keeping with the Trust’s collaborative nature, the participating pupils were supported by older pupils from other schools within the Trust, including the Coppice Academy and Kidsgrove Secondary School.

The day appeared to be a success, with teachers commenting on pupils’ engagement levels and enthusiasm towards each of the tasks.

Mr Thorley concluded: “It was great to see pupils supporting one another and working as a team.

“We will hopefully see the impact of the day over the course of the next year, but pupils certainly left feeling more confident and appeared to have had a good day.