We believe, you achieve
Jul 4, 2019

Working together for a brighter future

Students from across the Shaw Education Trust recently came together to shape learning experiences across their academies.

Following on from the success of last year’s conference, the Trust utilised the one-day event hosted at Walton Hall Academy to further develop student voice.

Phillip Harrison, the Chief Operating Officer of the Trust, enthused: “The aim of the day was to equip students with an understanding of the different types of schools in the Trust and what makes our family of schools so unique.”

The off-timetable day saw students across a range of ages, abilities and communities, interacting and working alongside one another with the aim of developing relationships across the Academies and promoting collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

Exploring Walton Hall’s impressive grounds in the warm weather, students were provided with a range of exciting and new opportunities including quad biking, archery, bush crafts and farming.

Mr Harrison continued: “It was truly heart-warming to see such a range of students interacting with one another, learning about each other’s schools and discovering what unifies them as a family of shared values.”

The Trust, which currently has 18 Academies, a teaching school and teacher education provider, greatly values student voice in further improving education provision across its academies.

Mr Harrison concluded: “Our students are at the heart of everything we do. We continuously strive to improve learning experiences and student feedback goes a long way in developing this.

“We plan to hold more student voice days in the future to further students’ understanding and gain a direct insight into students’ experiences and needs.”