We believe, you achieve
Mar 8, 2019

Could you be the next Steve Jobs?

Disabled young people are invited to apply now for an annual IT competition designed to test ability, creativity and skill.
The UK IT Challenge is an annual competition for disabled young people hosted by Shaw Trust, a charity helping to transform the lives of young people and adults across the UK and internationally, and supported by BT.
Taking place from Wednesday 3 to Friday 5 July at BT’s Adastral Park, Ipswich, 50 disabled young people aged between 13-24 years old from across the UK will come together to compete on a number of different IT challenges designed to test ability, creativity and skill.
There will be individual challenges, team challenges, fun stuff, interesting stuff and motivating presentations from people who prove that having a disability is no barrier to success.
To make sure it is a level playing field, everything is adapted and adjustments made according to the requirements of each young person taking part.
The top four winners from the competition will go on to represent the UK at the Global IT Challenge in Asia in November. Other prizes include laptops, tablets, work experience opportunities, online training and much, much more.
Jon-Paul, Winner of UK IT Challenge & Global IT Challenge 2018, said: “The UK IT Challenge was an AMAZING experience. If you love computers and IT, go for it, give it ago, who knows where it will take you!”
A parent who chaperoned their son to the UK IT Challenge 2018, said:
“It taught me lots about my son and his determination, his ability to overcome his disabilities. Seeing all the delegates try their best, they were all inspirational. Knowing my son has opportunities in the future I didn’t believe possible.”
A teacher chaperone, said: “It was a chance for students to shine. It was a fabulous chance for them to see that life for those with disabilities doesn't have to be a prescriptive path.”
Apply now by visiting: www.shaw-trust.org.uk/UKITChallenge. Closing date is Sunday 31 March.