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Mar 8, 2019

Burying the past for future pupils

Castlebrook High School recently welcomed pupils from primary schools in the area to bury a time capsule in the new school building.

Pupils from Unsworth Primary School, St Saviour’s Primary School, Mersey Drive Primary School and Bury & Whitefield Jewish Primary visited the new £12 million school building at Castlebrook to implant their memories into the building’s foundation.

Sue Armstrong, Principal of Castlebrook High School, said: “The primary pupils and their teachers were delighted to be invited to the new school site and were very impressed with the new facilities.”

Each school’s time capsule was placed in the framework of the building ready to be buried under concrete in the walls of the new school which will be known as Unsworth Academy and is due to open in the Summer Term.

Mrs Armstrong continued: “The time capsules will hopefully not be discovered for many many years to come, but when they do, they will provide a fascinating glimpse of life in 2019”.