We believe, you achieve
Nov 19, 2018

Celebrating exceptional achievement

Shaw Education Trust uses innovative approach to raising student aspirations with a key stage 3 awards ceremony.

Students from across the Trust and their parents were invited to an Exceptional Achievement Awards Ceremony to celebrate the achievements of students who have shown progression in their performance.

Chief Executive Officer of the Trust, Jo Morgan, utilised her speech to inspire students saying: “You are here because you had the courage and confidence to reach for the stars- to live your dreams and work hard for your success.

“Education is the pathway to enable freedom, choice and independence. Whether you want to be a brain surgeon, astronaut, nuclear physicist or leader of the UN, the power you have is in your hands.”

The exciting and well-organised day, held at Keele Hall, Staffordshire, was to celebrate the students who have exceeded expectations, not just those who have achieved the top grades.

Students from a mix of mainstream and special academies, ranging from Birmingham to Bury, donned caps and gowns while they received awards at the event.

To further inspire and motivate students to continue to achieve, participants received a tour of Keele University and had graduation-style pictures taken, which parents will undoubtedly treasure for years to come.

Students, staff and parents alike enjoyed the celebration-filled day, with several proud parents personally thanking members of the Trust for providing them with this rewarding opportunity.

Director of Education at the Trust, Julie Yarwood, concluded the event saying: “This has been a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the progress of students made during the first part of their secondary education.

“The event stands as testament to not only the progress made, but to the support the students have received from their family, teachers and schools in making this achievement.”