We believe, you achieve
Aug 24, 2018

The Westleigh way

Students, staff and parents at The Westleigh School have today been rewarded for their huge commitment and hard work. Staff were delighted to share in the successes achieved by students as they collected their well-deserved results.

Among the highest achievers were students Marie and Romina, securing the much coveted gold standard grade 9, a testament to unfailing dedication and commitment. 

Headteacher, Mr Bramwell, recognised the students’ outstanding achievement saying, “Grade 9 is reserved for exceptional performance so we are immensely proud of what our students and staff have achieved.”

Another student who will be continuing his studies in IT at Winstanley College thanked his teachers for pushing him to realise his potential. He said, “They’ve always been there to keep me on track when I’ve waivered and have believed in me even when I’ve doubted myself.” 

Mr Bramwell added, “We are lucky to have such dedicated staff who instil in students the belief that with hard work they can achieve anything. More than ever before, our students aspire to attend the highest performing college and universities which truly exemplifies the Westleigh Way.”

The results are a promising start to what will be an exciting year as the school moves into its next phase of rapid improvement as a member of The Shaw Education Trust. Mr Bramwell says, “The Trust has a proven track record in securing excellent outcomes for students; this expertise will contribute to the future success of our students. I’m confident that our combined approach will continue to see improved results, year on year. ”