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Jul 31, 2018

Castlebrook pupil works with renowned author

A Castlebrook High School student is working alongside an award winning author to create Swahili children’s books.

Year 8 pupil Mohamed Abdul is a prominent member of the school’s book club and acts as a 'Reading Ambassador' at Castlebrook, despite being relatively new to the UK and still mastering English.

Sue Armstrong, Principal of the school which is part of the Shaw Education Trust, said: “We encourage a love of reading amongst all our students and are impressed by Mohamed’s quick grasp of the language.”

While attending the Bolton Children’s Fiction Awards on a school trip, Mohamed struck up a conversation with Theresa Breslin, a high profile children's author and a winner of the Carnegie Medal.

As an enthusiastic reader who is new to the language, Mohamed questioned Theresa as to whether her children’s books were available in other languages, such as his native tongue, Swahili.

Mrs Breslin was so impressed by Mohamed’s attitude and love of reading that the youngster has now been asked to translate the author’s dyslexia-friendly children’s book ‘Alligator’ into Swahili.

Commenting on the out-of-school project, Mrs Armstrong said: “It is exciting to see our pupils using their initiative and creativity to make a positive change in the world.”

Castlebrook staff are proud of Mohamed’s innovative thinking and are looking forward to seeing his idea come to life.