We believe, you achieve

Great Barr Academy

Principal: Kerry Inscker

Mindset – Arrive prepared for the learning which will take place across all curriculum areas.
Application – Wear full school uniform and bring an appropriate school bag, complete with pencil case containing pens, pencils, ruler and eraser. 

Mindset – Aim high in terms of personal achievement.
Application – complete all class and home-learning tasks with a view to developing independent learning skills. 

Mindset – Adopt a philosophy which states practice, practice, practice.
Application – Rehearse / repeat individual tasks to ensure greater knowledge / skill acquisition. 

Our new school vision, states clearly what ‘the end point’ might look like at Great Barr School. We continually strive for academic excellence and in our new vision statement we therefore reiterate a statement of intent: “Imagine a school where at the entrance.”

Great Barr Academy
Aldridge Road
Great Barr
B44 8NU

Telephone:0121 366 6611
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